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Horse Races You Can Bet On

Many people think that all horse races are just the same. However, horse racing is a pretty varied sport that dates back to several hundred years. It has evolved over a period of time and horse racing can be enjoyed in all sorts of formats, with their own specific rules and regulations these days. If viewed solely from the betting perspective, flat and jump racing are the two kinds that attract maximum interest from the betting circles. Nevertheless, other horse racing forms like harness racing, endurance racing, point-to-point races and quarter horse races are also catching up swiftly. Let’s take you through each one of them as follows:

Flat racing
Most commonly known form of horse racing, some of the most famous races, both new and old, have been run on flat surfaces. These races are extremely popular in the United Kingdom, Australia, United States (in approved states) and many other global regions too.
This racing form is typically meant for thoroughbred horses, and maybe conducted on a few distinct surfaces. Although dirt tracks are quite common, turf is considered the most conventional surface for flat racing. Many UK racecourses have synthetic surfaces too, as weather is a big concern in this part of the world. In fact, four popular UK racecourses that have all-weather or synthetic tracks are Southwell, Wolverhampton, Kempton Park and Lingfield Park.

Jump racing
Again meant mostly for the thoroughbred horses, this type of racing is comparatively more dangerous than the flat racing owing to the obstacles horses are required to jump over. Obstacles can be in the form of the ditches, fences or hurdles. Although jump racing continues to be highly popular in France, Ireland and UK, it has been stopped in few countries like Australia. Another commonly known name of jump racing is Steeplechase.

Harness racing
This type of racing is quite popular in Australia and several parts of Europe. It involves the participating horses pulling a sulky (a two-wheeled cart). Harness races normally feature standardbred horses and are of two types – pace harness races and trot harness races.

Endurance racing
As evident from its name, endurance racing involves running horses over the longer distances. Although any horse breed can participate in these races, Arabian horses are considered the best owing to their high stamina. Recognised by FEI or International Federation for Equestrian Sports, endurance racing has been around in the Europe since the late 50s. These races are normally of 50 or 100 miles, though there’s no particular rule related to the distance.

Point-to-point racing
This type of horse racing attracts very large crowds and happens mostly in the Ireland and United Kingdom. It’s an amateurish type of steeple chasing, involving thoroughbred horses which may be nearing their retirement or getting prepped for National Hunt level.

Quarter horse racing
These races are conducted mainly in the permissible states of the United States, and have been happening since the 1940s. They’re mostly high-speed races run over the shorter distances (mostly over a quarter mile) and deliver very close finishes.