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How to Win Horserace Bets

There’s no dearth of aphorisms when it comes to the difficulty of making returns from betting, good enough to drive even the most optimistic beginners away! Some of the well-known ones are: ‘It’s a mug’s game!’, ‘No one ever saw a bookie riding a bike!’ and many more. However, even though it may be hard to make a living from day-to-day horse race betting, it’s not impossible actually. It’s just a little difficult. For people who’re not looking to earn their livelihood from gambling, and who love indulging in it merely for fun, they can use some handy pointers for picking the possible winners, especially in case of horse racing. Let’s provide you with some such useful tips that can come pretty handy.

Study the horse’s current form
There are plenty of statistics and information that go along with horse racing. You can study the past races and figure out the horse that’s most likely to win. Of course, you can also make this out from the bookmakers’ odds. However, if you’re ready to put in some time and effort, and can look through heaps of information, you may possibly get a major advantage and make valuable returns.
One of the most important factors you must pay heed to is the recent performances of a particular horse. The horse’s finishing positions in the previous races can be figured from the number series on its card. So, a series of 1212, indicates two wins and two second places in the last four races. The weight being carried by a horse as a handicap, and its comparison to the previous races and their results (in case of a handicap race) is also of great significance. Then there are other important factors like past performances of the horse in similar conditions and over the same distances, the trainer’s present form, the jockey’s present form and the race’s class.
Quite obviously, these factors are clearly evident in the market odds. But you stand to make some good cash if you can stumble upon some lesser-known facts like a particular horse that has bettered its jumping, a less-favoured horse that had injury in the last race etc. Bookies aren’t always aware of such finer details. And this is where you can get the important edge.

Closely follow the steamers and the drifters
Backing steamers just at the right time can deliver you plenty of profits. Also commonly referred to as following the money, this technique involves closely following the changing market odds, since they may indicate some insider information. Although, there are no guarantees of winning, this tactic cuts out all the hard work of going over the past races and statistics. For instance, if a horse goes to 12/1 odds from 20/1, it could be that the eagle-eyed punters, trainers and owners have good reasons to believe in its success.

Take advantage of the tipster or subscription websites
There’s no dearth of websites offering quality horserace betting tips for a meagre monthly fee. However, there’s no guarantee again that they’ll make you good profits. You must definitely listen to their advices, but back them up with your own homework.