Gift certificates now available!

Zafèn is pleased to announce the introduction of gift certificates! You now have the ability to make loans or donations in the name of a friend, family member, colleague or anyone else, as long as she or he has an email address.

Once your transaction is complete, your recipient will be notified of your generous contribution on their behalf, and will receive all notifications in connection with your chosen project. If you choose to make a loan, your recipient will also receive all repayments and then have the option to re-loan those funds to a new project of their choosing.

You will be given the opportunity during the checkout process to identify your transaction as a gift and also to enter the name and email address of your recipient and provide a brief message.

Thank you for your interest in Zafèn and for supporting the entrepreneurs of Haiti!

The Zafèn Team
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  • Prosperity Highlights
    . Approximately 2 million lent to 442 entrepreneurs and donated to 24 special projects
    . 33 cities reached in all 10 departments
    . 5,000 scholarships given to students
    . 806 jobs created
    . More than 200 entrepreneurs trained on basic accounting and marketing


    2   MAKE A LOAN
        AS SMALL AS $25

    3   RELEND


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