Ananda Marga-Universal Relief Team (AMURT-HAITI): Empowering Women and Feeding Families Through Entrepreneurship
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Searching for Ways to Increase Sales
Upon the Zafèn Business Analyst’s visit with AMURT on March 6, 2012, there was question surrounding their difficulty to access the supermarkets and to realize sufficient sales. He suggested that they use the service of a seller who already has access to this market. Therefore, they had to evaluate their production cost to see if any changes could be made that would increase their sales. It had not been possible to meet with AMURT again until June 8th. The old coordinator now has another job and has been replaced by someone else. This time we met with the new coordinator, and she confirmed that the women cannot increase their sales because their production cost is too high. They are 2 months late on their payments and the coordinator confessed that she doubts that the women will have the capacity to keep paying back their loan if nothing changes. They are going to look into buying the peanuts at a better price.


Equipment Purchased
The association has purchased the requested items and is now processing fruits into jams, jellies, and peanut butter. When the Business Analyst contacted the coordinator to see why they were late with their payments she said that they didn’t know when to pay. The problem has been corrected and their loan has been rescheduled to be completed by October. Currently they have paid back $1600 of their $8800 loan.


Project receives it funding
The funds contributed to this project have been disbursed!


Expiring Soon!
This project has not yet reached its full funding. If it does not reach full funding in the next few days, it will be pulled and funds will be returned to the lenders. HELP us partner with the borrower to achieve its goal!!


Actively Raising Funds!
Zafèn is proud to present this project for your consideration. It is now actively raising funds.
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Ananda Marga-Universal Relief Team (AMURT-HAITI)Empowering Women and Feeding Families Through Entrepreneurship

AMURT-Haiti seeks funding through Zafèn to facilitate access to credit for women in a unique micro-finance group, MIKFAV (Mikro Kredi Fanm Viktim). Under AMURT-Haiti’s supervision, MIKAV was created and designed to source projects geared towards improving the living conditions of mothers in need. Amurtel’s request to Zafèn is on behalf of 35 women who are proven leaders in their respective locality and in need of recapitalization.
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77% Repaid
Location Port-au-Prince Funds Requested US$8,800.00
Repayment Term 12 months Activity Food Service
$ Raised So Far US$8,800.00 Repayment Schedule Monthly
Products or Services Natural Peanut Butter and Processed Peanut Butter, Jam (Pineapple, Peach, Orange, Cherry, Apricot, Citrus) , Akasan (popular Haitian drink made from boiled corn), Handmade leather sandals. Amount Still Needed US$0.00
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Facilitate access to credit for the members of MIKAV to sustain an economic activity aiming at developing self respect and confidence.


In 2010-2011 AMURTEL, in collaboration with the International Organization for Migration (IOM), organized distribution of various items for disaster relief such as tarps, hygiene kits, kitchen kits, tool kits, clothing, and food. Last year, AMURTEL provided literacy and computer classes for over 100 women and men, of which 30 successfully completed and graduated from a course in computer skills.

Community Impact

Amurtel’s work is global in scope and individual in practice. The organization’s philosophy is that all have an equal right to the basic necessities of life, given in a manner that conveys sincere caring. Amurtel promotes the idea of participative development; a pivotal aspect of its mission is that all service be based on respect for local customs, religions, language and the individual, and provide for the continued self- empowerment of all. Under AMURT-Haiti’s supervision, MIKAV will have an impact on those residing in different settlements (Citron I, Citron II, Impasse Bazile, St-Hilaire) and help them sustain their respective economic activities and increase production capacity. The organization provided necessary training to boost confidence and morale through a series of workshops emphasized on the importance of entrepreneurship as a way out for a better future. Every single member in MIKAV had been involved in an economic activity before the earthquake; they lost practically everything and are eager to restart fresh. It will also have a trickledown effect on the local vendors and past Zafèn clients via acquisition of the raw materials.