Librairie Chevry: Upgrade 16 Year Old Bookstore Production Equipment
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New Equipment Purchased
Librairie Chevry has already bought the computers, copier, and laminating machine that they requested in the profile, but they haven’t hired any new employees yet. The owner is now able to offer a higher quality of service to the customers. The first payment has already been made.


Project receives it funding
The funds contributed to this project have been disbursed!


Actively Raising Funds!
Zafèn is proud to present this project for your consideration. It is now actively raising funds.
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Librairie ChevryUpgrade 16 Year Old Bookstore Production Equipment

Your loan to Librairie Chevry will allow the bookstore owner to buy one Canon 6556 copy machine, two Dell computers, and an IBICO laminating machine to replace the 16 year-old ones that he has been using since opening the business in 1995. These old machines must be replaced to allow the owner to remain competitive and offer quality service to his clientele.
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101% Repaid
Location Marie-Jeanne, Mirebalais Funds Requested US$7,500.00
Repayment Term 12 months Activity Business
$ Raised So Far US$7,375.00 Repayment Schedule Monthly
Products or Services Selling of books and school materials; also offers bookbinding, copy making, laminating, scanning, and word processing. Amount Still Needed US$125.00
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To help the owner replace old production equipment with new one, thereby enabling him to offer customers better service.


The owner has been successfully able to expand the business by partnering with the Maison Henri Deschamps bookstore, one of the largest bookstores in the country. The business has created job opportunities for six people.

Community Impact

Since the equipment that the owner is currently using is significantly old, the service has been slow given the unreliability of the machines. With the acquisition of new production materials and equipment, school children, professionals, college and university students, teachers, and other people living in Mirebalais and surrounding areas in the low Central Plateau will have the chance to benefit from better and faster services. Additionally, the owner will hire two more people to expand the laminating, word processing, and bookbinding services. With additional employees, he is aiming also to sell didactic materials, or textbooks, at wholesale prices to his customers.